Carnival Showcase 2023

LCEVC-enhanced Carnival Experience

See you in 2024
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Globo, along with its technology partners, is leveraging MPEG-5 LCEVC to live stream the Rio Carnival 2023, enabling higher resolutions and better quality while improving efficiency in both the CDN and backend. Compared to the traditional AVC/H.264 delivery, the MPEG-5 LCEVC enhanced video service requires fewer profiles and lower bandwidth, allowing for smoother streaming. This new technology can be deployed today with supporting encoders and players enabled in software. This showcase follows Globo's successful use of MPEG-5 LCEVC during the FIFA World Cup 2022, which proved its effectiveness in a broadcast scenario. (Here's the link to the press release: link)

Technical Specifications

Encoder Settings

- MainConcept LCEVC-H.264

- All profiles 29.97fps unless otherwise stated.

1080p @ 4500kbps

1080p @ 2500kbps

720p @ 1300kbps

540p @ 700kbps

360p @ 300kbps

288p @ 130kbps (15 fps)

Packaging and Delivery

- MainConcept HLS packaged

- 6 second TS segments

- Delivered via AWS CloudFront


- Shaka with LCEVC support (link)